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    Lucy Flint

    I think many of my artworks have been influenced by my experience of 2020.  I hoped to convey a message of waiting or dormancy throughout my art, as I have personally felt like the Covid-19 outbreak tainted a large majority of this year with inactivity and boredom due to lockdown as well as many events and activities having to be cancelled. I started creating a lot of my art this year during lockdown and amongst the Covid-19 outbreak, I think my experience throughout this event has been reflected through my paintings. I have focused solely on depicting singular figures placed in isolation and I think this subject matter communicates the feeling of solitude that I felt myself during lockdown.

    The artist models who I have drawn inspiration from are; Matthias Weischer, Susanne Kuhn and Njideka Akunyili Crosby."

    Works by Lucy Flint