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    Sarah Bunton

    Sarah Bunton

    Sarah Bunton’s work takes an abstract view on the idea of life and death, using symbolism as a major key to get ideas including, and not limited to, dissociation, creation, decay, and surrealism.

    Her work uses symbols to depict life and death. Life is symbolised by plants, flowers, bright colours, and significant works from other artists, such as the hands of creation or the starburst. Life also is represented by a youthful woman with dark hair. Death is symbolised by the short-lived butterfly, warped Salvador Dali style clocks, decaying fruit, skeletons, surreal figures, and missing parts in people’s faces or bodies.

    “My work named “Necrosis” features a portrait of the dark-haired woman. Portraits are a way of attempting to escape mortality, Necrosis preserves a surreal and decaying woman, chased by death in every corner. Necrosis is a character shown throughout my portfolio, chased and taunted by death.”

    “My work “Dieffenbachia” unites life and death with bright colours & lively dieffenbachia plants, and a skeleton who is missing part of his face. Dieffenbachia is a common household plant which has an urban legend of being deadly. If ingested, this plant would cause the inability to speak, and eventually death.”

    Works by Sarah Bunton