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    Toni Wilson

    Toni Wilson attends Cashmere High School and hopes to pursue her art career in attending University of Canterbury to gain a degree in Fine Arts.

    Wilson’s art is an abstract representation of being blinded, not by what you see but what you feel, blinded by the heart and in conflict with the head. Wilson’s pieces focus on expressing the all-consuming thoughts of the human condition when dealing with intense emotions. Conveying the feelings into a visual image. Trapped within your own subconscious how do you escape? Wilson wants to demonstrate the strong contrast between a person’s physical and mental state. The physical body can be breathing whilst the mental body suffocates. 

    Wilson has participated in 2 international art competitions, successfully winning nationally in all her attempts. 3 consecutive times for the ‘Toyota Dream Car Art Contest’ at the age of 11, 12 and 13 as well as being entered into the final international stages of the ‘Peace Poster Art Competition’ resulting in national champion age 12.

    Works by Toni Wilson